How to Use Instagram’s Direct Message efficiently for business.

What is it?
Instagram direct messaging allows you to send an image or video directly to another user. The user(s) you select are the only ones who will receive the image, located in a separate box.

5 facts about DMs:
1.You can DM people who aren’t following you on Instagram.

2.If you send a DM to more than one individual, they’ll each be able to see whom else you’ve DMed. So even if you’re planning on targeting people en masse, be sure to send individual Direct Messages for more personal interactions and keep your targeted list hidden.

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3. If you delete a DM, the individuals you’ve sent it to will no longer be able to view them.

4. You can’t use hyperlinks in your DMs, they won’t redirect.

5. If you DM several people at once, the comment section will become a group chat conversation.

How to use it for business?
It’s a great way to promote a secret sale or PR event. You can also use DMs to lure local media to your product launch or store opening without looking like you’re crying for attention on your Instagram account, it also will make the event seem more exclusive.

You can take a customer service discussion to a direct message to avoid having the conversation go public.

You can send a special offers to valuable or potential customers without following them on Instagram.

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You can send your latest blog posts to targeted individuals instead of your entire following; they might me more interested in reading it that way.

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Not everyone will get back to you, but keep at it. The cool kids will enjoy it!

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding Instagram DMs.

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