Is James Franco the Greatest Internet Troll of All Time?



We’ve been seeing a lot of Lord Franco in the last couple days.

Regardless of the recent rumors, we’ve gotta say, he knows how to get people talking.

Have you heard of the movie Palo Alto? We hadn’t, until now. It’s a film starring and written by James Franco in which he plays a soccer coach who has an affair with a high school student (Emma Roberts). The official trailer was released just a day after a leaked Instagram conversation between Franco and a 17 years-old Lucy Clode.(Leaked on April’s Fools) (Click here ) The teenager uploaded the incident to Imgur? (Damn, can we hire her? She knows her stuff)


The incident is quite detailed and has all the hallmarks of a publicity stunt. Franco responded to the rumors saying ‘’I hope parents keep their teens away from me.’’ The teen has since then deleted her Instagram account.

Ever head to the movie theater and realize you haven’t heard or any of the movies showing? Things have changes and filmmakers have to adapt. Of course, pedophilia is no joke. But it is a huge issue that needs to be addressed and discusses. We’ll have to see how he handles it moving forward.

Franco is known for promoting his movies with out-of-the box stunts.
For instance, to promote the 2013 movie This is the End, he released a trailer for Pineapple Express 2, the most anticipated sequel of all times, which wasn’t even in the works. (Watch Trailerpineapple-express-2

We have yet to find out the true story. Franco admitted it was a mistake this morning on Kelly & Michael. We just hope James is a smart cookie and knows where he is going with all of this.

The trailer definitely saw a large peek in traffic after the story broke.

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Regardless of wether this is all a publicity stunt or not, perhaps your teenage daughters shouldn’t be hanging out James Franco. Just Sayin’


Here’s how the internet responded to the incident:


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