How to InstaVid Like a Boss

Guest Post By: Tanya Valente

We’ve always believed that Instagram is not only a great marketing tool to get exposure for a business, but is also a platform that you can get creative with and really express your own personal brand.

The future of Instagram Video is just beginning and there’s a few tricks that’ll really put you on top of the rest.

So here it goes:

 1. Get an App

Lets face it, were not all going go and spend hours editing a video on our computers just to upload it to Instagram. Apps are incredibly easy to use and are available on most smartphones. There are thousands to choose from, but we’ll save you the trouble and give you our fav.

Lumify Video


2. Shoot Some Footage

Don’t be stingy. Shoot everything. The more footage, the better. Get creative with your scenery and angles it will make the outcome much more interesting.

TIP 1: Shoot everything with you phone held horizontal, you’ll fit more in your frame.

TIP 2: Use different lenses. There are lenses you can buy that can be used for your Phones, everything looks cooler through a fish eye lens!

3. Edit

This can take some time, but totally worth it. Play around with the app, and edit each scene individually. Create some that are slo-mo, some fast-paced, play them backwards, add filters, wtv! Cut and edit until you’ve created something you’re happy with. The possibilities are endless.

TIP 3: keep in mind that an InstaVid can only be between 3 to 15 seconds long, so watch your video length when editing.

4. Music

No video is complete without the proper background music; it’ll make your InstaVid look like a mini music video. Choose something that’ll keep with the feel and vibe of the video.

 5. Upload

Once your satisfied with your finished product all you need to do is upload it!

TIP 4: if you filmed your video horizontal like we did, your going to need an app to add white borders so the video doesn’t get cut off when you open it up in Instagram. We used Squreready for Video, free on the app store.


You can make a video out of anything. Check out the video I made that’ll show you different ways to play around with your footage and also a sneak peak at our office building! Don’t forget to turn up the volume to get the full effect.


Video Playback Speed: 2.00x

Filter: Vanilla

Lens: Normal and Fisheye

Song: The Worst by Jhené Aiko

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