McDonald’s receives an abundance of free advertising thanks to Charles Ramsey.

The recent media coverage of the kidnapping of three Ohio women has the world talking.

The discovery of these women that were held captive who were saved by local hero, Charles Ramsey, has put an unexpected spotlight on McDonalds.

Like the  Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles’ unwanted publicity throughout last year’s Trayvon Martin case, this one leans a little more on the positive side since all three women were rescued.

In Ramsey’s news interviews he mentions that he was eating McDonalds (and what he was eating too!) while the drama unfolded.

“I heard screaming, I’m eating my McDonald’s, I come outside, and I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of the house,” Charles said in an insanely random act of product placement for the world’s biggest fast-food chain.

Although McDonalds shouted Chuck out on Twitter, it’s not quite clear what he might receive in compensations (Double Cheeseburgers for life? … Perhaps.)

With the thousands of tweets, re-tweets, audio plays, YouTube videos, and constant re-airing of his news interviews, the publicity is invaluable.

It happens ALL the time guys. When you’re friend on Facebook updates his status to “I freaking love eating Twizzlers” … guess what, that’s all part of social.

What happened right here folks is a type of Earned Media – favorable advertising going public without having to pay a single dime.



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